My first Spanish lessons

A survival kit

When people think of learning a new language there are a million words that could describe how they feel about it: excited, overwhelmed, thrilled, terrified, challenged… and the list goes on and on.

I have been there. I know what it feels like. I grew up in a country with several social issues and education was- and still is- one of them. English, as any other foreign language, was not taught in public schools until high school. I moved to Spain when I was 12 and had to face a new culture, a new education system and a new language in school. I was terrified. I knew all of my friends were able to speak and understand basic English because they had learned it since kindergarten but for me it was a whole new world. I was lucky enough to find a nice teacher. She was extremely patient and made me feel motivated, somehow, her attitude encouraged me to keep learning and improving.

Nowadays, I look back and feel grateful for the opportunities I had. I was lucky to find a patient teacher. I was lucky to have the opportunity to learn a new language. I kept learning English when I finished high school because I knew that a new language was an open door to a hundred new opportunities –and of course, I wanted to travel J-.

If you are a beginner, I have created this survival kit for your first lessons. Remembering all the new vocabulary, structures and verbs… you might feel overwhelmed at some point. Whether you have doubts or you’d like to go a few steps ahead of your class, you will find all the basic sentences and structures to have your first basic and simple conversation in Spanish.


A survival kit of verbs conjugation is in the making!

¡Nos vemos!

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